Dear colleagues
On behalf of organizing committee of the 14th International interdisciplinary conference „Current Environmental Issues-2019” I would like to invite all who is involved in works on monitoring and protection of environment to participate on 24-26 September 2019 in this event. The invitation is especially addressed to biologists, ecologist, economists, analytical chemists and employees of state governmental institution dealing with environmental protection.
The main goal of the conference is to present contemporary problems related to the broadly understood protection of natural resources and their exploitation in the context of protection and sustainable development. The presentations and communications presented at the conference will be a starting point for discussions on the state of the environment in border areas, with particular emphasis on the areas on the border of the European Union and non-EU countries, problems related to cross-border migration of pollutants (especially water and air) and opportunities to take joint initiatives aimed at protection of valuable cross-border areas.

Main topics for discussion:

  1. Cross-border problems of natural environment protection.
  2. Good practice in monitoring of environment pollution.
  3. Sustainable use and protection of flora and fauna.
  4. Ecological biochemistry, physiology and medicine.
  5. Food technologies for sustainable development.
  6. Rational use of water resources and wastewater treatment.
  7. Rational use of land resources and reclamation of polluted lands.
  8. Ecological education for sustainable development.

Useful information:

Conference organizers:

University of Bialystok, Faculty of Biology and Chemistry
Yanka Kupala State University, Faculty of Biology and Ecology
Polish Academy of Sciences

Place of conference:
University of Bialystok, Faculty of Biology and Chemistry,
Institute of Chemistry,
1K Ciolkowskiego Str. 15-245 Bialystok